Incredible Violence


Comedy / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ferdmalenfant 1 / 10

Horrible not Horror

This thing should not even be called a movie. It is actually someone who tries and fails miserably to make some kind of film. Anyone can make a movie these days. If this one cost more than $5000. total it was still a loss for the investors. Oh so BAD

Reviewed by Glomb 3 / 10

Alright but not great

Big horror fan and this puts a little bit of a twist on the 'slasher-esque' genre. Unfortunately I felt it fell a little bit short of what it was trying to achieve. The lead up to the main events was quite weak and there were a few scenes which I felt added nothing.

There is not really much suspense or gore or really anything that frightening in this. The characters are paper thin and the main characters motivation is not really well explained.

Underneath it's pretty much a standard people get killed one by one type of film with a bit of a twist to it. It is an ok indie-feeling horror flick but not one you will probably remember after the credits.

Worth a watch but there are much better films with similar ideas which manage to pull it off better.

Reviewed by HairyMart1 4 / 10

Meta film-making

It's not fair to describe this as a bad film, but the supposedly meta nature of this film just did not work - I just didn't get it. I like a film with some ambiguity but here there are character and story arcs that just make no sense. The idea of a filmmaker under extreme pressure to make a film is not new, but you can see that writer/director is trying something different. The result though seems to be wholly dependant on a very specific set of circumstances, which could easily be undone at any point by a more obvious choice. Still maybe worth a view if you like something a bit more out there, but not for me.

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