American Bistro


Adventure / Comedy / Drama

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Eric Etebari as Haboubi
Dustin Quick as Alex's Wife
James Lew as Angry Man #1
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by info-8359 10 / 10

A nice surprise!!!

This film, like many good indie films, has a way to subvert any expectations. It is the kind of comedy that may only make you laugh a couple of times but will have you smiling throughout the whole story. The chemistry between the actors is magic!!!!

Reviewed by alexus-97159 9 / 10

Superbly Entertaining!

A uniquely witty and uplifting film that kept me smiling throughout. As real life father and son, you can sense the chemistry between Edmund and Medor immediately, which is important to me when watching any film. It was inspiring to watch him chase his dreams despite the setbacks life so often throws our way. If you are looking for a film that will not only entertain, but lift your spirits, I would recommend giving American Bistro a watch!

Reviewed by MarkAnder_ 10 / 10

Heartfelt father/son duo!

This film is truly heartwarming with unique comedic stylings. I was shocked to find out the two leads are real life father and son. Definitely fits my criteria of a fun, entertaining, unique film!

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